The Instructors

Teodora Bozheva, Head of Professional Services at Businessmap


Dimitar Karaivanov, CEO of Businessmap

Businessmap is an enterprise agility solution provider aiming to discover new management ways and share this knowledge through amazingly powerful, easy-to-use tools and professional services. We offer the most flexible software platform for outcomes-driven enterprise agility. Its unmatched functionality consolidates multiple tools into one, enabling affordable deployment at scale, visibility across all projects/portfolios and alignment on goals, to deliver quality work faster.

Why this course?

Through their work with hundreds of companies and teams all over the world, Teodora and Dimitar have independently come to the same conclusion - many companies fail with their agile transformations due to a gap of knowledge between the leaders of the organization and their teams.

The goal of "Three Simple Practices for Effective Teams" is to close this gap and help companies achieve the desired transformational outcomes.

Course Curriculum

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How is this course different?

  • 24 videos, most of which around 5 minutes
  • All topics are oriented towards real-life challenges
  • No theoretical fluff, just high-quality content
  • We're teaching from 30+ years of experience
  • All examples are done using Businessmap

Sample Video

This is a sample video from the course, talking about the Three Simple Practices.

What our clients say:

This course is a simple, straightforward gold mine! Even if you've never practiced lean, Kanban, Agile, or flow thinking, you'll be able to use each practice and get awesome results with them.

-- Felipe Oliveira Founder & CEO at Mindset Ágil® and Gold Solution Partner at Businessmap.